Easily, Like Seeing the Rest of the World Just by Leaning from the Earth towards Space

as part of SAIC undergraduate thesis exhibition at Sullivan Galleries

Can the space between things have the same weight as the objects themselves?

Paperbacks there is no time for, hand-me-downs, packing supplies the books were shipped in, irresistibly beautiful trash collected and stored abundantly, art materials that are harmful to the planet (also toxic while using, but that matters less) — guilt weighs more than what I stuff it into.

All these things are so heavy, so I take a big breath, retain, and rise from my toes.

Existing between the ground under and the wide blue above, every step the gravity links me to earth. But how do I attach to the sky?

fishing net, pillow, plaster, ceramic tableware and tile, clay, wood, Amazon packaging fiber, reel case, Sight & Sound magazine, silicon, ceramics, corduroy pants, plexiglass, electric wire, pen on paper, print on cotton


evgenia reeva ozerova